Is my clutch packing up?

The average lifetime of a clutch is 130 000km. (It could last much longer, depending on your driving style). The clutch components would have performed literally millions of movements. Unfortunately, like suspension parts, the clutch gradually gets worse and we hardly notice until it fails.

Signs of a clutch about to fail:

·         Difficulty in changing / finding gears. Frequently slipping out of gear into neutral while driving.

·         Engine revs with no power to the wheels – the clutch is “slipping”

·         The clutch won’t release – you’re stuck in a gear – the clutch is “sticking”

·         Clutch pedal feels different. Too hard / too soft / spongy / it pulsates or vibrates – whatever! You know what it usually feels like… if it feels different, have it checked out.

·         Unusual noises when pushing clutch pedal

You are about to experience clutch problems. This is not an easy next-to-the-road fix. Save yourself the cost of a tow truck, and the additional damaged caused by a mechanical failure – attend to the problem immediately!

With a little luck, the guys at auto1 might find the problem is just a stretched (or broken) clutch cable, a leaky master clutch cylinder, air in the hydraulics, or misaligned clutch components or linkage…. Problems may come from small components like bearings, bushings, springs, etc.

On the other hand, should your vehicle need larger parts such as the clutch disc, flywheel, pressure plate and release bearing, rest assured, at auto1 we only fit original equipment quality components supplied by manufacturers such as LUK & Valeo. Your vehicle will be good as new in no time at all!