Road Trip Checklist

Getting out of the city…. Hitting the open road? We want your road trip to be an absolute jol!

Be it for work or leisure, if you are embarking on a long trip, it would be best to perform a proper safety check on your vehicle, or bring it to the pro’s at auto1 for a free check before leaving, and we’ll do it for you. Just by looking at your tyres, the trained eye can spot the symptoms of a myriad of mechanical problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed…

Basic Safety Checklist (you can do it at home)

License disc up to date

Owner’s manual – you may need this! Make sure it’s in the cubby hole!

Tyres – tread depth, even/uneven wear, cracks, cuts or sidewall bubbles/damage, pressure

Spare wheel – check tyre condition, pressure – emergency triangle, jack, wheel spanner (please invest in a bottle jack and 4-way wheel spanner)

Locknuts – if you have these on your rims, where is the key/spanner?

Lights – headlights (dim & brights), tail lights, indicator lights, reverse light/s, brake lights, fog lights

Brakes – check pads are wearing evenly and in good condition. Do a road test.

Oil level, fluids – water bottles, brake fluid, radiator fluid, etc

Wipers – please check your wipers!

Tools Checklist (What to carry with you)

Basic first aid box including painkillers, sunscreen, hand sanitizer & mosquito spray, baby wipes & toilet paper - plus an anti-allergy tablet or two just in case.

Umbrella / raincoat - Murphey's Lawe - cars like to break down in the dark and the rain.

Torch – plus spare batteries (or rechargeable) (plus a spare torch)

Tool bag containing star and flat screwdrivers, shifting spanners, socket spanner with sockets, long and flat nosed pliers, Stanley knife, insolation tape, Loozen penetration spray, swiss army knife, gloves, & rags

Digital pressure gauge – use your own gauge at all times including filling stations and fitment centres. (Always check pressure when  tyres are still cold).

Spare phone chargers, smart chargers, cables etc

Emergency puncture repair spray

Filled 5L Water bottle

Selection of spare globes

Selection of spare fuses

Jump starter cables – please do not buy cheap jump starter cables!

4-way wheel-spanner

Bottle jack – your standard jack really sucks in the dark next to the road!

Now might be a good time to check when your next service is due! Clean oil and filters always keeps an engine happy and healthy! Digital suspension & shock tests, and a 3D wheel alignment check should be done at least once between service intervals.

Auto1 wishes you a safe trip! Our job is to ensure you are always safe on the road!