Auto1 Setting the Standard with Denso Auto Service Parts

Did you know that 9 out of 10 cars on the road are factory fitted with Denso parts? In South Africa these high-quality parts were until recently only available from the agents. The good news is that a selection of Denso oil filters, spark plugs and wiper blades are now available to the aftermarket.

And Denso is trusted by car manufacturers globally for good reason…

With over 100 registered patents, Denso Spark Plugs ensures a better start, greater combustion, lower emissions, better fuel economy & improved performance. Denso oil filters are fitted with a special dual-layer filtration paper and an anti-drainback valve to protect damaging engine wear on cold-start-ups. Denso windscreen wipers are made of graphite coated high compression natural rubber – they last longer & give a better wipe – what’s more is they fit perfectly. 

At Auto1 we strive to be at the top of our game. We were without doubt the first aftermarket workshop nationwide to stock and supply Denso parts, thereby once again ensuring the best standard of vehicle servicing available for our valued customers.

Please note: Denso parts are not available for all vehicles at this time, however, we ensure that only the highest quality parts available are used for all services and repairs performed at Auto1.