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New Tyres

Always remember that driver control ultimately depends on 4 small patches of rubber the size of a hand that are in contact with the road. No matter how good your suspension, how fantastic your brakes, or how sweetly your engine purrs, it all boils down to how well your car grips the road when it comes to safety. 

At Auto1 we offer a wide and varied range of tyre brands and related services such as wheel alignment, balancing, & tyre repairs.  We advise our clients to never compromise on the quality when replacing tyres. Poor quality or badly maintained tyres can affect fuel consumption, comfort, drivability, noise levels and most important: safety.

Our Auto1 tyre range includes Dunlop, Sumitomo, Continental, Bridgestone, Firestone, Pirelli, Yokohama, Goodyear, Sava, and Falken.

For our more price sensitive clients we also offer a selection of quality approved budget brand tyres!

Managing a fleet? Look no further. Our Auto1 fleet pricing options (from around the wheel to full maintenence) will ensure your fleet vehicles are always operating at full capacity.

Extend the life of your tyres!

·         Ensure shocks & suspension parts are not worn

·         Check tyre pressure regularly at the same gauge (only when tyres                        are cold) 

·         Rotate tyres every 10 000 km

·         Wheel Alignment & balancing checks every 10 000km



Wheel balancing or tyre balancing is ultimately about ensuring your tyres and wheel assembly spin smoothly at high speeds. If a vibration can be felt on your steering wheel from the wheel despite all the components in between designed to eliminate vibrations, it should be attended to asap! 

Our Auto1  tyre guys will not only check balancing and rebalance if necessary  but also look for tell-tale signs of irregular wear, etc.


3D - 4 Wheel Alignment

Our Auto1 state of the art 3D-4wheel alignment technology and equipment is on standby for any challenging suspension! We know at Auto1 that Wheel Alignment needs to be checked at least every 10 000km, or after a wheel making contact with a pothole or pavement. All four wheels should aim perfectly straight ahead and be standing straight up – the steering wheel should be straight and your car should not be pulling towards one side. Especially after fitting/changing any suspension parts, at least a quick check is necessary.

The idea is to keep as much tread on the road at any given time - misaligned wheels result in uneven tyre wear and subsequent blowouts, increased fuel consumption, lack of control, etc., and many factors need to be considered by our Auto1 wheel alignment technician.



Tyre Repairs

Punctures on modern tubeless steelbelt tyres can often be repaired, however the tyre must be removed from the rim by our Auto1 tyre technician and examined properly.

Please note: By law, punctures on the shoulder or side-wall of the tyre cannot be repaired under any circumstances - as long as the puncture is on the tread section, and there is no structural damage to tyre, one proper puncture repair is allowed without compromising possible future warranty or insurance claims.  

At Auto1 we recommend the use of a "mushroom plug" - this plugs the hole and patches the inside (tube section) at the same time.

Remember, the tyre is, in fact, a pressure vessel - it is this pressure that carries the weight of your vehicle. It has to withstand the strains of cornering, braking, accelerating, etc. If for any reason the pressure is incorrect, your safety is at risk.


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