Car Shocks & Suspension

Shock Absorbers

There are 4 tiny patches of tyre tread that keep contact with the road - if any of these lose contact, you have no control of your vehicle…  It’s as simple as that. The shock’s job is to keep pushing the wheel downwards maintaining that contact.

At Auto1  we not only perform regular computerised suspension checks, but we also take the time to do visual and physical tests to ensure the integrity of the shock absorbers. 

Leaks, squeeks, excessive lean and rollover on bends, ride feels too bouncy like sitting in a boat - these are the symtoms of worn shocks... it's time to visit Auto1



Gas Lifts & Refills

“It used to work perfectly! (That little shock that keeps my bonnet/boot open) Then the boot started closing on the back of my head on occasion… now I keep a broomstick at hand to hold the boot open while I load groceries etc." Sound familiar?

After a couple of years, gaslifts will start leaking and losing pressure. We gas & supply a large range of these gaslifts at Auto1 - this is a relatively inexpensive, quick & easy repair and can save a lot of frustration and even embarrassment.


Steering & Cabin Dampers

Steering dampers absorb shock and vibrations from the road before they reach the driver - without dampers the driver would be adjusting the steering continuously as every little bump on the road is transferred through the steering system to the steering wheel.


Steering & cabin dampers are therefor not only safety critical, but also directly effect comfort levels! Auto1 stock and fit a large range of dampers to cover most vehicles.



Ball Joints

Ball joints, Universal joints (or U joints), CV joints (constant velocity joints) ….. our bread and butter at Auto1

In an automobile, ball joints connect the control arms to the steering knuckles, and work similarly to the ball-and-socket design of the human hip joint. Ball joints play a critical role in the safe operation of most cars' steering and suspension systems, allowing free rotation in two planes at the same time while preventing translation in any direction.  


Tie Rods & Rack Ends


The tie rod transmits force from the steering centre link or rack gear to the steering knuckle. In simple terms,Tie rod ends are simple parts that connect the steering rack to the steering knuckle on each front wheel. When you turn the steering wheel, that movement is transmitted through the steering components until the tie rod ends pull or push the to turn the wheels. Without tie rods, it would be impossible to drive around corners!

Rack Ends, or so-called axial joints are used only in rack-and-pinion steering systems.


Our Auto1 wheel alignment technician may need to adjust the tie rod, and he will check and even lightly grease this component if necessary. Yet another reason to stop by for a regular safety, suspension & wheel alignment check!




Strut Mounting Kits

The part that attaches the suspension to the vehicle is called the strut mount – it holds the strut in place and dampens tyre noise and vibrations. The best time to change this is when you are replacing shocks, especially since the whole assembly must be removed in order to perform a replacement.

Our Auto1  technicians are trained to check these when replacing shocks, but it makes sense that if the shock is worn, there's a good chance that the mount will also have seen better days!

Steering Racks

Steering acting up? With all the components connecting the steering wheel to your front tires, it can be confusing to figure out the issue's root cause. At Auto1 we know it's actually fairly common for a steering rack to fail on an older vehicle. Tell-tale signs include discolored fluid, leaks, a “dead spot” on the steering wheel or a grinding noise.. even thuds and clunks.


Steering control and maintaining a straight line on the road are  very important, so if you are experiencing any steering issues, please stop by and let us check out your steering and suspension systems. 



Boots, Bushes, Bearings

Auto1 stocks, fits & supplies a host of bushes & bearings for many applications across the automotive range – we are careful to source only the best quality components to ensure a repair that will render the vehicle as good as new.

Computerized Suspension Testing

You can trust our Auto1 technology and combined years of experience to accurately assess the condition of your vehicle’s suspension. (The term "suspension" includes shock absorbers and all linkages that connect the car to its wheels).

Our computerised suspension tester will determine exactly how well these components are currently performing, however our staff are trained to also look for tell-tale signs of potential and current undetected suspension problems. You're safe in the hands of our Auto1 team!


Wheel Alignment

Our Auto1 state of the art 3D-4wheel alignment technology and equipment is on standby for any challenging suspension! We know at Auto1 that Wheel Alignment needs to be checked at least every 10 000km, or after a wheel making contact with a pothole or pavement. All four wheels should aim perfectly straight ahead and be standing straight up – the steering wheel should be straight and your car should not be pulling towards one side. Especially after fitting/changing any suspension parts, at least a quick check is necessary.

The idea is to keep as much tread on the road at any given time - misaligned wheels result in uneven tyre wear and subsequent blowouts, increased fuel consumption, lack of control, etc., and many factors need to be considered by our Auto1 wheel alignment technician.



Power Steering Fluid

Our Auto1 technicians will inspect all fluid levels including the power-steering fluid with every oil service and safety check. Power-steering fluid is the hydraulic fluid required for the power-steering system to function.

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