Automotive Repair & Automotive Servicing

Minor/Lube Service

At Auto1 a Minor Service (lube service) includes an oil change and oil filter replacement, and our standard 48 point safety check, handbrake adjustment, engine & car wash.

The secret to our success at Auto1 is that our team is trained and instructed to always use the right oil - modern engines require higher grade oils specific to a particular model/size, and to ensure the longevity of your car's engine, filling with the correct lubrication is key!


Major Service

A major service at Auto1 a Minor Service includes an oil change and replacement of all filters & plugs, our standard 48 point safety check, handbrake adjustment, engine & car wash.

In a market is flooded with cheap filters, plugs, lubes, etc., at Auto1 we fit parts sourced from the manufacturers that were originally factory fitted in your vehicle. Our bumper to bumper 48 point safety check is designed to find and eliminate any present or eminent component failures that could cause a problem within the next service interval.

When your car leaves our Auto 1 premises, it will be safe, clean & shiny, and revving to go! 



Engine Repairs

From replacement of fanbelts to cambelts to timing kits and timing chains, we are ready to assist at Auto1. We are equipped to strip your engine into a pile of tiny parts, rebore, regroove, replace, or whatever it takes to get your vehicle safely on the road!

Even vehicles that enjoy regular Auto1  services, the best parts, premium lubes and fluids, and our famous Auto1 TLC will eventually start getting a little tired. Tell-tale signs such as evidence of oil leaks on the floor where your car stands, or an increase in smoking, or blowing darker smoke.

Engines that work hard due to overloading and aggressive driving styles will be in need of an overhaul sooner than expected. 

Remember, "a stitch in time saves 9" - if you notice a difference in the performance of your vehicle, or hear a strange knock, squeel, squeek, rattle or any other suspicious sound or leak that wasn't there before, bring it in to Auto1  for a check!


Water and Oil Pumps

The most common signs that you need to fix or change your oil or water pump is low oil pressure or high engine temperature, and noise.

If your car has sufficient levels of oil and water and these problems persist then you might need to change your pumps.

The oil pump takes oil from the sump and pumps it to the top/other side of the engine - the oil is then forced through the oilways, lubricating all the moving parts. The oil pump can be thought of as the heart of the engine. Failure to attend to a faulty oil pump will lead to engine failure. Using the correct oil is of course also vitally important. Allowing your car to idle for a few minutes after standing overnight is also wise, as it gives the oil pump a chance to get all the oil that has dripped down into the sump circulating again, and all moving engine parts nicely lubed before working the engine.

The water pump is responsible for pumping coolants and fluids needed to keep the engine from overheating. It is driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine. At Auto1  we recommend replacing the pump at the same time we replace these belts. We ensure the engine coolant is in good condition & has the correct amount of quality approved antifreeze. 


CV Joints

Do you have grease on the inside edge of your tires? Do you hear loud clicking noises when turning? These are some of the most common telltale signs that your CV joints need replacement.

CV joints serve as a final link between the engine & the wheels, transferring torque from the drivetrain to the wheels - even signs of a torn/damaged cv joint boot needs to be attended to immediately.

At Auto1 we replace cv joints and/or cv boots on a daily basis. While many workshops opt for the cheapest cv replacement parts available, Auto1  will never put our customers at risk by compromising on quality.


Universal Joints

A joint or coupling is a vehicle component that allows parts of your car that are not aligned with each other to move freely in any direction while transmitting rotary motion.

Also known as universal couplings. If your car is making a squeaking noise when it starts to move or if you hear clunking when changing from drive to reverse you might need to have your universal joins checked.


Wheel Bearings

The wheel bearings work with the hub, wheel & tyre, allowing for a smooth ride - the most common symptoms of a bad wheel bearing is a loud grinding noise or wobble coming from the wheel of your vehicle. 

Driving with damaged wheel bearings can be extremely dangerous, and lead to excessive & irregular tyre wear. Soon you will be replacing wheel bearings and tyres!

Simply put, the wheel bearing is the part of your vehicle that helps keep the wheel on! Bring your car into Auto1  for a regular safety check to ensure you're safe on the road!


Steering Components

There is no need to explain the importance of correct functioning of the steering system in your vehicle. Some of the symptoms or warning signs of steering mechanism problems include

o your steering wheel feels loose

o your steering feels very tight

o a grinding noise when you are turning

o leaking power fluid steering

o burning oil smell

If you are experiencing any of the above, please contact Auto1  as soon as possible for a proper assessment and safe repair.


Suspension Repairs

The suspension system of your vehicle is not only very complex, but also very important. It has to withstand much more stress than any other major component, absorbing bumps and bends, and still hold the road and steer safely.

Body roll, bottoming out, excessive bounce, all are symptoms of a suspension problem. 

Auto1  is equipped with a computerised suspension tester that will immediately indicate if your shock absorbers are no longer performing as required. This, coupled with our 48 point safety check will cover the entire suspension and ensure your safety on the road. 


Timing Belts, Kits and Chains

Your vehicle is either fitted with either a timing belt or chain. These need to replaced as per your vehicle manufacturer recommendation. At the same time tensioners, sprockets, guide rails and the water pump should be replaced - even the metal timing chain will stretch and wear over time, and if any of these parts fail, the results will be disastrous to your engine. 

Telltale symptoms of an eminent belt/chain failure include misfiring, an engine rattle while idling, and metal filings in the oil. (Another reason why regular oil changes are important!) At Auto1  we recommend that you never postpone this vital service to your vehicle and that you opt for a quality timing kit - if the belt/chain breaks while you are driving, you're likely to end up with serious damage to the engine.


Aircon Repairs

No cold air? Compressor not turning on? Loud noises when its running?

Whatever your aircon problem, at Auto1  we've seen it before!

Just like any other component on your vehicle, the aircon system will eventually stop functioning the way it used to. It could be the compressor itself packing up, or just a relay, there could be a hose leak, or a simple regas could solve the problem.

Stop by anytime for Auto1  to do a quick assessment!


Gas Anazlyzer For Emission Control

Having an emission test done at Auto1 is important for you, your vehicle, and the environment as well! 

An emissions test will not only tell you how much you are polluting your environment but also sometimes detect a problem with your engine before it physically reveals itself. The gasses your vehicle is emitting can reveal to a large degree how well your engine is running. 

Fortunately, Auto1 is equipped with an exhaust gas analyzer or exhaust CO analyzer exactly for this purpose.


Injector Cleaning

Fuel injector cleaning is critical to proper engine function and efficiency. At Auto1  we recommend that this "injector service" be done every 60 000km - you will be surprised by the before-and-after difference!

Other Common Mechanical Repairs

There's no problem too big or small for our Auto1  team!

We are in the business of fixing cars and have all the capabilities to ensure your car is kept safely on the road. For any car problems, we will have a solution!


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