Engine & Gearbox Services

Engine Overhaul

Regular maintenance and upkeep are key to ensuring the longevity of your vehicle's engine. At Auto1 we pay close attention to the details such as always using the correct oil, and insist on only using the same quality parts as originally fitted by the factory.


Sadly however, even the most loved and pampered motor car will eventually start leaking oil and smoking - simply due to normal wear and tear. It's time for an engine overhaul! Naturally, the longer you wait, the more extensive & expensive this repair will be.


Give Auto1 a call now for a lasting solution to any automotive problem you may have!


Gearbox Repairs

Our Auto1 clutch & gearbox repairs facility offers equipment to electronically test your vehicle's gearbox, as well as its valve bodies.

Our gearbox guru's are equipped to experts at repairing, refitting, refurbishing and testing manual gearboxes for all makes of vehicles.


Cylinder Head Repairs

If the engine of your car is not performing at its optimum level, this is usually the first indication that you might have a crack in a cylinder head.

Other indicators might be smoke or oil leakage. At Auto1  we are fully equipped to diagnose the problem & professionally execute the necessary repairs to your engine.


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