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The starter is a small motor used to crank the engine just enough to get it started - once the engine is running it is not required again.

Starter problems include loose wiring, dirty connections, battery corrosion, oil leaks and damaged/worn-out parts.

With modern fuel injection cars, there are far less starter motor failures due to engines starting quicker & easier, however this is not the case for alternators.... 

Best to leave the problem finding to the guys at Auto1- we will quickly determine who the guilty party is - the battery, starter or alternator.



Your car doesn't just run on petrol/diesel - it also needs electricity to run! The alternator provides power to the spark plugs that ignite the fuel in your engine. Without electricity, your car wouldn't start.

When an engine is running, the alternator recharges the battery and supplies additional electric power to the vehicle's electrical systems. When it starts failing, it can create a domino effect of electrical problems and failures.

A faulty alternator will kill your battery - even if the battery wasn't the problem to start with. We are tempted to replace the battery without checking for the underlying cause - in no time at all the new battery will be dead as well. (We will no doubt again blame the battery). 

But not at Auto1! We understand the electrical system of your car. We will diagnose the problem and have you safely on the road again in no time at all! We carry a large range of quality replacement alternators (and batteries) and take pride in our ability to treat the cause, not the symptom!



At Auto1 we endeavor to safely repair wherever possible rather than replace. That is the reason for operations such as our alternator testing bench - very often the alternator can be safely repaired with an inexpensive bush or bearing, and our customer is happily back on the road with minimal inconvenience or expense.

Sometimes we discover that there is nothing at all wrong with the alternator, and we have to look further to find the source of the problem.

Were it not for the fact that we are willing and able to test and repair, our customer would soon return with problems even after installing an expensive replacement part.

Our relationship is built on trust, and while we always strive to repair, your safety is our main priority at Auto1  


Lighting Upgrades

Auto1 tests and diagnoses any lighting problem you may be having - the cause of which could be anything from the alternator, battery, damaged wiring or a fuse... or just a bulb that needs replacing.

Our range includes LED bulbs & upgrade kits, Halogen, Xenon or stock standard -our Auto1 original equipment quality bulb range will light up your life! (Lumens galore!)

We can test the orientation and intensity of your vehicle headlights and add up to 300%* more light on the road! If you're looking for a suitable replacement or upgrade speak to Auto1

Clear white, cool blue & distance options available.




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