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New Batteries - Automotive

Auto1 has the correct, guaranteed battery for your vehicle!

Fitting the correct battery is vitally important - not only does the battery serve to start up the engine, but it also provides filtered and stabilised power to the electrical and electronic systems. Many variables are taken into consideration by the car builders as to the exact size battery required. If the wrong battery has been fitted, the guaranty will not be honored in the event of a claim.

For these reasons, when it comes to batteries, Auto1  will never compromise! We insist on fitting premium quality batteries such as Ktek, Dixon & Willard - all carry a full 24 month guarantee. At the same time we check visible connections, cables and terminals.


New Batteries - Leisure

We keep our "Happy Campers" even happier at Auto1 with our range of quality Leisure batteries!

Leisure batteries are the primary power source for 12V appliances and equipment. e.g.  lights, kettle, oven and other similar alliances, and are designed to supply a steady level of power over a prolonged time period.


New Batteries - Deep Cycle

Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to give you a steady amount of power over a longer period, and to be continuously discharged over and over. These are used for solar systems and UPS systems and are available from Auto1 as an extended service to our clients.

Battery Testing

At Auto1  we test and charge batteries all day, every day - our auto electrical department can determine exactly why your car is struggling to start in the mornings, or after standing for a few days.... what is causing the battery case to swell, and are the battery fluid levels too high or low?

Our best advise is to never top your battery up with tap water - use only distilled water, and do not overfill! If your vehicle's battery seems to be struggling to do what it should, pop into Auto1  for a quick check-up - the chances are it could just need a refill to correct electrolyte levels and a good recharge.



Recharge and Topping up

It usually takes at least 24 hours to recharge a car battery before accurate testing can be done. This is the reason why Auto1 provides customers with a fully charged loan battery while we properly charge your battery after refilling as required before testing.

Very often there is absolutely nothing wrong with the battery at all - it just needed a little Auto1  "TLC"..... you can trust Auto1  to take the time to first try solve the problem before simply selling you a replacement battery.



Terminals and Cables

Even after fitting a new battery your car is still struggling to crank the engine? So frustrating!

What is the reason for the acid build-up around the terminals?

At Auto1  we understand batteries & check for loose connections, cables and terminals to ensure you won't lose power.... and we carry a full range of battery accessories just in case!

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